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“"Steven Prince was the rock star of our Holiday Party. He provided phenomenal service to our employees with a smile on his face the entire night. I highly recommend him for your next social event!" Busy Bee Cleaning Service 1123 Broadway, Ste 902 New York, NY 10010”

“"I have learned so much from reading ‘ How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$’. I have experienced hands on training with Steven Prince at parties and he has the patience and grace to teach me and handle a party of 200 people. He tells me he is so impressed with all that I have learned and applied! Queens, NY”

“My wife and I purchased a large home and spent quite a bit of time and money on designing a beautiful pool and patio area. Each year we like to share this with our friends and family in the form of a large fourth of July party. Each year we made the party bigger and better and upon the recommendation we decided to add a bartender to the party. Needless to say the first year we had a bartender at the party things didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted. The bartender wasn’t able to make all of the party themed drinks we wanted and we weren’t on the same page with each other. I had to leave the party several times… Read more…