Unique Boot camp Workouts

Unique Boot camp WorkoutsClick Image To Visit SiteMy name’s Leon Melnicenko, and I’m a fitness Professional just like YOU who used to say yes to every single question I just asked you.

But what if I could show YOU a simple, proven method that would guarantee that every session, not just the odd one, was flat out amazing.

I’m now privileged to help thousands of other Top fitness professionals to increase their profits and build a dedicated following of loyal clients who refer their friends and colleagues. 

You’ve found something true and genuine, that’s going to add REAL value to your fitness business -and I’m about to prove that to you.

As a personal trainer and fitness bootcamp instructor, I know all too well how crucial every single client can be –and how difficult it can be to keep them happy over and over again.

On average, bootcamp instructors spend up to 12 hours per week designing and planning their bootcamp workouts.

The average bootcamp instructor will charge $50/hr, so that means your losing Thousands of dollars every month racking your brains trying to create awesome bootcamp workouts!

Team games are a great way to add fun and light competition to your work outs, they are proven to increase retention rates, boost referrals and get everybody taking about your Bootcamp. Here you get 36 games to inject immediate fun in to your class.

These are a set of 5 simple drills designed to instill fun and uniqueness in to your workouts. They are wacky, creative, and lots of fun.

“Without this book, I think I would have stopped my classes or at least people might have stopped coming.  The book has given me loads of ideas which all my clients love and I only ever hear good things about my… Read more…