The Ideal Body Fat Loss Diet Guide

The Ideal Body Fat Loss Diet GuideClick Image To Visit SiteLet me start out by telling you a little secret… All diets work… to some degree (that’s the catch!). But let me back up for second. What I am about to write is unarguable regarding fat loss. It’s the common thread that weaves through every single fat loss diet ever created. It is…

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but may be transformed from one kind to another. [Example: Consuming excess calories may be transformed into stored body fat.]

If you consume more energy than you use, it has to be stored somewhere. If you use more energy than you ingest, it must come from a storage area in the body (from fat, muscle, or glycogen stores).

All weight loss diets are based on a caloric deficit, which is why they all work. If you follow virtually any plan you will lose weight. Most of the time success is only temporary because dieters fail to make a lasting change in their eating and lifestyle habits. When this happens, they look for the next fashionable diet and gain temporary success once again… and the cycle continues on and on.

Since you now know that all diets work to some degree, let’s talk about the quality of weight loss. If you don’t care about the quality of weight loss and are only concerned about what the scale says, stop reading now! You’re not my target audience.

I want to help you achieve your Ideal Body. Fat loss, not muscle loss is the goal. In fact, fat loss coupled with muscle gain (or at least muscle maintenance) is the ultimate goal that will allow you to create your ideal body.

My name is Richard Rigor. I have a bachelors degree in Human Nutrition and Foods and have been a personal trainer / consultant… Read more…