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Store - moonfitness.netClick Image To Visit SiteEndorphins, accomplishments, strength gains and body recompositions are all benefits of exercise, but most importantly- it gets you MOVING!

Movement is an essential part of life and a healthy dose of exercise daily can only increase your wellbeing.

I developed this program to help individuals learn how to move and exercise in a way that will promote endorphins, muscle growth and even fat loss. Every workout will leave you feeling refreshed (maybe a little sore) and hopefully confident in your performance! I created this program because so many people are seeking fun and challenging workouts that will still help them to reach physique goals. My goal is to simplify exercise by taking out the workout planning part and just making the routine for you!

In this program, you cannot go wrong as long as you try your hardest and don’t give up! Lift heavy (no ladies, you will not “bulk up” whatsoever), engage in the cardio (if you so wish- it’s not mandatory) and drink plenty of water. Your muscles will become more defined from the weight lifting and your strength will improve over time.

Ultimately- YOU can decide how little or how much you want to participate in. Make this program your stepping block and make it applicable to your schedule and routine.

This program is not meant to intimidate or scare you, but motivate you to include more movement in your busy life.

These workouts are TOUGH, SWEATY and BUILT for experts and beginners alike. The 5 day split workout can be made into a 4 day split or even 3…there is not ONE way to do it.

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