Stop Skin Picking!

Stop Skin Picking!Click Image To Visit SiteSome facts you’re about to learn about picking… and why you shouldn’t even think about stopping with therapy or medication, until you read every word of this letter!

Why common techniques to stop picking compulsions will only treat your symptoms TEMPORARILY (hint: they deal with the effect and not the cause.)

How long have you had this embarrassing and extremely painful picking compulsion? You have probably tried to stop with will power… maybe even therapy… but have not had much success with these traditional methods.

Most of the websites I see are filled with symptoms of picking, but no one really tells you an effective and proven way to stop without spending hundreds on therapy… They tell you symptoms like…

4. Extreme distress in your social life, job, and almost every area of your life is affected by this condition.

Serious picking compulsion is a medical condition… it is not easily stopped with common practices.

Picking is classified as a compulsive behavior. This means that you probably feel an overwhelming urge to pick, even when consciously you know you shouldn’t.

Picking sufferers have developed what psychologists call "secondary gain." You unconsciously have a secondary gain for picking. Some female sufferers even do it to sabotage their success with men because they do not like being hit on by the opposite sex.

What you must realize is that absolutely everything you do is out of a need to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

Your brain is wired to do this, it is your basic survival instinct to move towards pleasure and move away from pain.

You might be saying "big deal… who cares if I associate or "condition" my brain to unconsciously link in my nervous system pain to picking and pleasure to not picking?".

When you actually do this as… Read more…