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Gambling is not a crime or offense, but when you get addicted to it, you will lose total control of yourself and your emotion will be greatly affected. Not only does it affect you physically, mentally and emotionally, you’ll also be hurting people around you.

Base on researches, many people take gambling as a form of entertainment, hobby or even as an alternative income. However, not everyone knows that it is extremely dangerous when you get seriously obessed into it.

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Your addiction will vanish. Your Life Will Be Back On Track And You Can Finally Start Afresh.

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I was a former addict 5 years ago punting online on soccer matches. Like any beginners luck, I was on the roll at the early stage and soon greed gradually took over me. Believing Naively in so-called “insider’s” tips, I’ve made big bets on games after games and soon ended up in bigger debts (indeed, I’d deserve it).

I was wrong to my family and myself. Despite my incorrigible actions, I was forgiven and deeply touched by my wife’s action to get me back on track again. I even started thinking of the precious time wasted on analyzing odds and reading punter’s guides. I swore to change myself to be a better person, a better husband, a responsible father… Read more…