Six Pack Insanity Workout Program and Healthy Meal Plans

Six Pack Insanity Workout Program and Healthy Meal Plans sixpackinsanity.comClick Image To Visit SiteWe wanted to make Six Pack Insanity affordable for everyone. Only $5 for your first month and $9.95 a month after that for your own customized meal plan and new categorized workouts every week. Ditch a 2 beers a month on a night out to get access to your dream body.

I haven’t always had six pack abs and a fitness model body. In fact I used to have a very average looking body with barely any muscle definition and if you looked at me back then (before I knew the secrets I am about to share with you), you wouldn’t have been able to tell that I worked out at all and to tell you the truth, I used to have no confidence in the way I looked and felt.

Now I used to work out a lot, around 4-5 days a week and I would be in the gym for hours it seemed. I also thought I was eating healthy. But I just wasn’t getting the ripped six pack abs I had been struggling so hard to get. My stomach was as soft as a marshmallow.

I was making some simple mistakes that I had learned from watching too much crap on tv, and reading to many fitness and health magazines that were full of bogus information. It wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t getting results and it’s not your fault either.

We get so much misleading information from media these days it’s hard to know what to believe and what to throw in the garbage.

I was lucky enough to learn these 4 steps (It’s good to be friends with fitness models, pro athletes and pro bodybuilders :)) that I used to burn off my belly fat and… Read more…