Paleo Breakfast

Paleo BreakfastClick Image To Visit SiteI don’t know about you, but when I first discovered Paleo and started to feel the results, I got excited — more excited than ANYTHING in my life.

I can remember how relieved I felt. Relieved I’d finally found a diet solution that WORKED. A way of eating that was not just palatable, but satisfying.

As the days quickly passed and my diet transformed, I can remember how energized I felt. How strong, healthy and fit I felt. How beautiful I felt, from the inside out, eating the Paleo way.

Early on, I discovered how critically important breakfast time was to the Paleo Lifestyle. Breakfast provided the fuel for the day.

And at the same time, my energy skyrocketed! My health rebounded. My mental sharpness and clarity was nothing short of miraculous.

Up until then, except for the occasional piece of fruit, I basically skipped breakfast. I figured I was SAVING the energy I had for later in the day.

But to my dismay, when I committed to eating breakfast regularly the Paleo way, that’s when everything fell apart…

The first stage of my conversion to Paleo was a breakfast diet consisting of little more than bacon and eggs.

Now, I love bacon and eggs! But every day? No way. After a while I was sick of them, no matter whether they were poached, sunny side up or scrambled.

Then I tried the Internet route. I’d try different recipes I’d find off the Internet. Some of them looked viable.

And even more so, I couldn’t believe how difficult they made it! What a pain in the butt! I felt like I was trying to make a 3 course dinner first thing in the morning.

Most of those Internet recipes were awful. My taste buds would… Read more…