Lillie’s Souper Weight Loss Plan

Lillie's Souper Weight Loss PlanClick Image To Visit SiteWould you like to whip up a quick pot of soup on your kitchen stove… and use it to lose all the weight you want to lose?

You can do it… using only a few inexpensive grocery items you get from your nearest super market!

This writer recently interviewed Lillie Ross, a Mississippi grandmother who seems to have discovered some golden keys to weight loss.

Lillie’s latest book, "Souper Weight Loss Secrets," not only shows you how to lose 9 – 17 pounds next week… but also how to use the soup recipe to keep on losing weight until you reach your weight loss goal. Lose 45 lbs. or more and keep it off… while you eat the foods you like… and never get hungry, or crave anything.

Lillie tells us, "There are only two ‘common sense’ ways to lose weight: A. Consume less calories than you burn… or B. Burn more calories than you take in." Lillie’s weight loss plan uses both tactics to help you slim down quickly… all with absolutely no strenuous exercise." (a 30 minute walk three times a week certainly speeds up your weight loss)

1. Lillie shows you easy ways to get your brain to trick your tummy into feeling full and satisfied on much less food. 2. She reveals delicious foods that actually burn more calories being digested than they add to your system. 3. Lillie also shows you little-known ways to increase your metabolism to burn more calories naturally.

Lillie gets hundreds of emails, cards and letters raving about the great results people have had from her weight loss plan. She calls them her "fan mail" and tries to answer each individually.

Lillie showed us boxes upon boxes of her "fan mail," many with dramatic… Read more…