Lifestyle180 – Leanness Lifestyle University

Lifestyle180 - Leanness Lifestyle UniversityClick Image To Visit Site“If you’re ready to lose weight, strip body fat and tone and tighten the soft spots Lifestyle180 may just be the perfect weight-loss course for you.”

On Wednesday, July 16th, 2014, we’re taking a small group of new students and getting them in the best shape of their lives. Seats are first-come, first-served and typically sell out in 48 hours.

Preregister with no cost or obligation so you reserve your seat and get a $50 per month discount 24 hours before seats open to the general public.

What Is Lifestyle180? What Should I Expect? Who Is Lifestyle180 For? When Is Lifestyle180 Offered? Do I Attend Lifestyle180 In Person? Who Designed This Program? Is Lifestyle180 Guaranteed? Do I Need A Gym Membership? What If I’m Currently Nursing An Injury Back To Health? What’s Required To Participate? Can I Use My Phone or Tablet? Can I Do This If I’m Vegan? I’ve Had Bariatric Surgery Do I Qualify? Why Limit the Course to a Small Number of Students? What If I’ve Tried Everything Before And Failed? How Is Lifestyle180 Structured? What Exactly Do I Get As a Student? What About Other Weight-Loss Programs and Services? Is do-it-yourself the holy grail? Is a personal trainer the solution? Are ready-to-eat meals the answer? How does Lifestyle180 compare to other programs? Is a dietitian all you need? Is hiring a personal guru the way to go? How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It? Are You Still Undecided? About the $20,000 in Prizes How Do You Participate? Pre-register Now

No travel or in-person meetings are required. Lifestyle180 awards $20,000 in cash prizes to the top students! Beyond diet, Lifestyle180 will help you turn your body and… Read more…