How to STOP SMOKING permanently using PRANAYAMA

How to STOP SMOKING permanently using PRANAYAMAClick Image To Visit SiteA habit/addiction can be broken and changed by replacing it with another habit. So why not replace it with a Positive One? That will help you stop smoking, give you more energy, reduce your stress in a big way, improve your health both mentally and physically and give you that great night sleep, keeping the lungs full of clean oxygen and its…Completely Natural & Free to Do!

The Ancient Art of Pranayama is the Yoga practise of breathing large amounts of air containing Prana into and around the body through certain specialized breathing techniques, with many benefits…..

Prana or Chi energy is nature’s Life Force that keeps us alive. We access it mainly through the Breath, through the air that we breathe.

Pranayama is traditionally used to slow the mind activity down in order to begin meditation. This allows a person to focus better, dealing with life’s situations in a calmer, more creative way.

Pranayama deals with cravings, whereby breathing techniques are used to stimulate pleasure centres so that anxieties and cravings are reduced.

Through Pranayama, mental activity begins to slow down as the body is filled with Pranic Life Force. When a person becomes anxious or angry they tend to breathe short, shallow breaths. Pranayama re-trains us to become conscious of our breathing whilst taking in longer, deeper breaths. Once these positive effects begin then the need for smoking losses its strength.

Pranayama will not only help you break any bad habit or addiction but will help you stick to good ones such as sticking to a weight loss diet, waking up early or an exercise program etc.

China, India and Russia have shown that over 90% of the patients with Peptic Ulcers can be successfully treated using Pranayama. Russian research (Kreme Sanatorium) has shown… Read more…