How To Cook A Hawaiian Luau Pig In The Ground! – Hawaiian Luau Pig Cooking

How To Cook A Hawaiian Luau Pig In The Ground! - Hawaiian Luau Pig CookingClick Image To Visit SiteWant to cook up the Hawaiian Luau Pig so tasty your guests beg and talk about it for weeks? This is it. If you’ve ever wanted to cook up the Luau Pig so incredible your guests actually close their eyes, make the “mmmmm” sound, and ask the person next to them if they can believe what they’re tasting… then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Yeah, 30 years ago, when I asked my father if he would teach me how to cook the Luau Pig (and I mean really cook the pig) he always declined (…something about me not understanding ’cause I was not ready.)

Well, after many Luau Parties and much arm-twisting, he finally considered the idea of sharing with me the closely guarded secrets of real cooking the pig – the secrets he built his reputation on, and the kind of cooking that folks talk about for weeks!

But you know… cooking the Luau Pig is… how do you put it… well, very messy, if…

Cooking the Hawaiian Luau Pig may be a huge waste of time and money if you don’t know what to do. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of people (including my own friends) giving up. Since they’ve never really learned how to cook the pig correctly, they simply hope for the best. Bad idea! Sometimes they get lucky… but???

After 20 years of waiting and wondering how to write a book (my wife keeps pushing me to go on – she’s amazing), it’s finally here… “How To Cook A Hawaiian Luau Pig” is probably the first ebook on the market that includes detailed STEP BY STEP photo instructions!

Every year, more and more people asking me the same question. These are the people who… Read more…