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Healthy Living Publications: HLP is Self -Health Reading with Edge!Click Image To Visit SiteAre you sick, overweight or low on energy?  Are you tired of the confusing world of supplements, medications and alternative therapies or radical new diets?

Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired…and afraid … afraid of your body, afraid of your food, frightened by your rising healthcare costs?

Wish there was a magic pill to make it all better, no matter what “it” is?  Just something you could pop in your mouth and voila’!

Let me ask you another question. If this pill exists, providing you could afford it, would you take it?

A better question, what if this pill exists, is affordable but you had to take one pill six times a day with exactly 4 ounces of water? Would you take it?

Remember, this pill will fix anything from Cancer to Wrinkles or even Weight Issues to Stretch Marks, returning you to a healthier, slimmer, firmer, more youthful state.

Don’t worry, these are not trick questions. These are questions designed only to illustrate a point so please bear with me. There is no magic pill that can do this … yet.  So, let’s just say that this pill exists, it’s affordable for everyone but you had to take it 6 times a day, on schedule, with 4 ounces of water, essentially requiring a daily “routine”. Would you do it?

Most of you would say, “Of course I would! Six times a day is nothing for the benefits it gives.”

With a pill like this, you would never again need to go on a symptom research expedition in search of those “all natural” products or herbs that sometimes help and sometimes don’t but rarely cure. You would never again have to go to the doctor, enduring humiliating and expensive procedures and you would never again… Read more…