Enlightened Bodybuilding Diet — Eat Like A Bodybuilder

Enlightened Bodybuilding Diet — Eat Like A BodybuilderClick Image To Visit SiteAttention Guys: Ever wonder why you seem to never grow after working out for months at a time?  Do you feel like you aren’t achieving your full potential when working out and dieting?  Do other people around you seem to gain muscle easier than you and you seem to be left behind with no “luck” to get the body of your dreams….

All through life I was the skinny kid that looked awkward, at least I felt that way. Throughout middle and high school that was my self-view.

Now I saw gains, but they happened over long periods of time and they were slow to show, and made me want to quit working out altogether.

So there I was….working out, dieting, reading as much as I could about bodybuilding online and in books. Really taking a focused approach to gaining as much knowledge and experiences as I could.

This epiphany I had may not come to you as a big secret, but when I came to this conclusion I’m about to tell you, I was overwhelmed because of its simplicity.

It was only after years of reading about fitness that it really began to be clear to me. And it was…

There are too many guys out there who have similar body structures of 12 year old girls. They workout, they drink their protein shakes, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. But still no positive results come from doing this. Why? Well, I can only talk about my personal experience, but I can bet you it’s because they’re not eating enough. Let me make something clear right now, supplements do not replace good nutrition. I don’t know where this crazy idea came from, but if you aren’t taking in the… Read more…