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Eat fat to burn fat — Fat Kills FatClick Image To Visit SiteSimple 3 step method reveals how to lose weight and improve your health just by eating the right foods. The three steps are:

I wasn’t always fat. When I was young and single, I had enough time for a rigorous exercise routine. But life got busier, and I moved up the corporate ladder, and more responsibility meant less time to take care of oneself. I slowly gave up on the gym, and the weight crept back. Because I failed at exercise, I wanted to try my luck with dieting. I tried low fat diets, zone diets and low GI diets, you name it…I tried everything but surgery. None of these worked. I was so depressed that I couldn’t even stand in front of a mirror, let alone take pictures with friends. My self-esteem took a hit. In desperation, I started researching. I wanted to find why one study would contradict the findings of another…And what I found startled me. Not only did I lose weight by eating more fat in my food, I kept it off, because I never feel hungry. Instead of avoiding fat in my food, I seek and eat more of it. People who look at me spreading butter or eating up a stick of cheese feel jealous, and think that because I am thin, I can get away with it. But they don’t know that I eat those foods so that I can stay thin.

I started this website to share my story and reach out to those leading busy lives and have little or not time for exercise, cannot withstand the hunger from dieting, and are desperately trying to lose weight.

Did you just eat a donut? Don’t worry…you just have to jog for 57 minutes to… Read more…