Download Simply Beautiful Today – Skincare With Food

Download Simply Beautiful Today - Skincare With FoodClick Image To Visit SiteSometimes the right thing to do when it comes to health and well-being cannot be explained, but rather, felt.

This is why I look to nature for guidance, because the force that drives all life drives us humans and seeks not only to sustain life, but flourish in existence.

Simply Beautiful shows you how to give your skin the care it needs with 100% natural remedies. That’s right, you can use food for all your skin care, not just for your face but for your whole body.

Beginning a career in the modeling industry at the age of thirteen I was very image conscious, and like most girls, constantly compared myself to the gorgeous girls around me.

I soon realized that beauty was really just an opinion in context with a certain perception. I started to form my own opinion around beauty and noticed a common element – fresh vibrant skin and hair.

Growing up in the country, I never really bothered with spending time doing make-up or styling my hair, so this idea of beauty resonated well. As a consequence, I spent many years striving to achieve flawless skin and silky hair.

As you can imagine, I tried endless commercial skincare products, from the supermarket shelf to expensive high-end brands. I became somewhat obsessed with exercise and nutrition, which after years of my own research, eventually led to a formalized Health Science degree where I predominately focused on nutrition.

Throughout this journey my focus shifted to health, as I realized that if you support the body for optimum well being, a bi-product would be radiant skin and hair – my definition of beauty.

I’ve created “Simply Beautiful” to share with you what I’ve learnt so that you too can benefit from using natural raw… Read more…