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Diet Challenged :: Lose Weight - Weight Off - Diet FailureClick Image To Visit SiteHi! I’m Cris, co-author of the Diet Challenged Program and this is Carey, your Diet Challenged personal coach, mentor and trainer. I would like to begin by thanking you for coming to this page.  I don’t know how you found our site, whether it was a friend, family member or a diet, health or beauty product company that recommended us, but it’s YOUR LUCKY DAY.  

Together with our experience we have designed a Stress-Free & Easy Diet Solution to your problem.  It’s not like anything you’ve ever experienced before because this program causes a Major Mind Shift to occur without you even realizing it’s happening.    We transform your thinking and your behaviors from that of a repeat dieter to that of a person who’s able to live a healthy lifestyle effortlessly and naturally.  

Listen up!  It’s true.  It happened to me.  Now take a minute and let me prove my point…  

The #1 Myth is if you find the “Miracle Diet” the weight will melt off you fast and you’ll be thin and happy for the rest of your life.  No one dares talk about the fact that 5% of all people keep the weight off over 2 years and most people try 4-5 times a year.

 I discovered these mind-boggling statistics during my research and it blew me away.  Aren’t you totally shocked?  I honestly had no idea. This confirmed my belief that Dr. Mooney was truly onto something exceptional. Together we have created the missing piece to the puzzle of how to maintain a healthy weight specifically for people who find themselves to be Diet Challenged.

Before I go any further with my story, and tell you about MY LUCKY DAY, I want you to… Read more…