Carb Cravings Bootcamp – 28 days to curb carb cravings

Carb Cravings Bootcamp - 28 days to curb carb cravingsClick Image To Visit SiteParticipants worked intensively for a month to completely focus on fixing their body’s mechanisms that make weight loss so difficult and they learned my effective system to get their cravings under control so that their struggle with excess weight and out-of-control appetite would be a thing of the past.

The 4 Week Carb Cravings Bootcamp Home Study Program contains all the training and materials that the live “Bootcampers” got, including meal plans, video tutorials and even an exclusive members forum! The only thing this package doesn’t include is the “live” element of weekly calls and interaction with me.

I did finally start to lose weight again (after years of not being able to) and I did really get results – both in my weight/size and in my blood tests. Within 6 months I was back to normal. Everything went well for 2 years! I was slim again, and healthy, and my appetite was completely under control.

But then, when my mother passed away in March 2013, I lapsed for a while. I lacked motivation and could not get back on track. I regained weight – as you would expect, but also those cravings came back and really took a hold of me. I was in a downward spiral and I knew I needed something to kick start my weight loss again.

You know what? I looked online and I couldn’t find what I was looking for – a program to help me get my discipline back and my cravings under control again, in a short timeframe, and one that would get me results fast. So I created the Bootcamp program for myself! In September/October 2013, together with a small group of other dedicated Bootcampers, I did my own 4-week program, and the results were fantastic… Read more…