bikinicookbook — The GISG Inner Circle

bikinicookbook — The GISG Inner CircleClick Image To Visit SiteAfter competing in my first Bikini Fitness Competition, I learned that NUTRITION is the most important part of attaining a great, muscular, head-turning physique.

I don’t care if you are on the most incredible training regimen possible, taking the best supplements, or eating protein like it is going out of style, adding muscle and losing fat doesn’t just happen WITHOUT proper nutrition.

Harry Houdini can’t rid you of your stubborn belly, thigh, arm, or butt fat!  Let’s face facts here, Proper Nutrition IS the Key!

You can be killing it at the gym all week for NOTHING if you are not eating the right foods and the right amount of food!

You know it, I know it, DIET IS KEY but yet for some reason this is the most neglected area of our training & we often opt for the easy solution of a pre-made drink, meal or take out food.  (This kills our progress)

I am thankful I was put through that experience though because it helped me create this Ebook.  I had to get creative with my meals to keep my sanity and this Ebook WILL do the same for you because before this Ebook, eating to get in the best shape possible CAN GET BORING!

And what happens when we continuously eat foods that lack in taste?  We start to cheat!  Does this sound familiar….

You will spend way to much money preparing food for the week (this one is my favorite because this book could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars this year!)

Tired from a long day?  Thinking about ordering take out? Not so fast!  Grab one of the 10 Dinner Recipes and you will be having a healthy and delectable meal in no time…one the whole… Read more…