Bikini Bootcamp

Bikini BootcampClick Image To Visit SiteWe know you’re ready to rock your ultimate bikini body, so we created this total body strength training program to target all of your major muscle groups and give you everything you need to track your progress for maximum results.

We’ve even thrown in a BONUS twice-weekly HIIT & Abs Routine for maximal fat burning and core toning. But first we have to let you in on an industry secret. Normally a program like this would cost our clients upwards of $600. You’re about to learn how to get your hands on it for $1 per day…

Normally, walking you through this at the gym would cost $100 per session. We realize that’s just not an option for many women, so we set out to make a more easily accessible digital version of it instead.

You actually may not even need to leave the house to do it, but we’ll go over that shortly. We have to get this out NOW, because regularly priced at $75, for a limited time, you can get your hands on this complete fat-burning program for only $45 (that’s only $1 per day!!).

“I wanted to send you guys a thank you. I have just finished the 6 week bikini bootcamp and am proud of the changes I have seen! I have always enjoyed going to the gym but was intimidated by the equipment or never successfully put together a workout for myself, not knowing what to train on what days and just lifting random things. This program gave me more confidence in the gym to walk in and know what I wanted to get accomplished that day as and hold me accountable for being at the gym 6 days a week.

“I can say that so far… Read more…