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4 Week Fat Flush - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteYou can be trained by one of Australia’s top Personal Trainers EVERY DAY for the next 28 days & get Lean, Toned and Sexy fast! Congratulations, You are about to transform your body.

It doesn’t matter what your physical condition is, what your obstacles might be, wherever you are, whatever your starting point,

You may have seen me in The Biggest Loser DVD workout series, T’V’s "Four Weddings" program and The Kerri Anne Show. Now I want to be YOUR personal trainer. I want to train you every day with a comprehensive fitness and fat loss program, that will get you in the best shape of your life in just 28 days. If you are finished looking for quick fixes, fad diets, pills and potions and finally want to get in shape the RIGHT way, the HEALTHY way. Then look no further – 4 week fat flush is the program for you.

And you will also join a whole community of like minded people doing the program as well.. You will never feel alone.

Every workout, everything you put into your mouth, every lesson I teach you, has been specifically designed to achieve fast fat loss.

All of that information will now be delivered to you in plain, easy to understand daily lessons, so you can take it all in without getting overwhelmed.

________________________________________________________________ It’s about revving up your metabolism

Each workout harnesses the powerful effects of EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) . You will burn way more fat both during your session and for hours AFTER your workout. This is where the true secret to fat loss lies.

Instead of doing one session for cardio, another for body toning and another for burning fat, you will combine ALL the exercise aspects you need into one workout.

That’s why I have done all the… Read more…