2014 Off-Season Hockey Workout Program — Hockey Workout System

2014 Off-Season Hockey Workout Program — Hockey Workout SystemClick Image To Visit SiteAs a strength coach that has trained many athletes and hockey players, including working with over 150+ hockey players in an Under Armour “Combine 360″ in Burlington, Ontario it AMAZES ME how much room most hockey players have for physical improvement that will directly impact their on-ice performance.

Long gone are the days that hockey players can just show up to training camps, tryouts, or games after a summer of relaxing and playing a bit of summer hockey.

The best hockey players in the world will take a few weeks off to give their bodies a bit of a rest, and then it is right into the weight room or track 5-6 days per week to train their bodies to be able to perform at top levels.

I realize you probably aren’t training to play in the NHL, but whether it be Junior Hockey, AAA, College Hockey or even just the Men’s Leagues, we all have the same goal – to be a better hockey player.

While training during the hockey season is beneficial, the off-season is the best time to focus 100% on your training off the ice in order to improve your performance on the ice.

If you don’t have an off-season hockey specific training program created by a professional to follow you will be miles behind your competition when the season comes along.

And while getting into the gym and working out helps, you need to ensure you are training like a hockey player – not a bodybuilder, not a soccer player – specifically like a hockey player.

I’ve seen the mistake of some hockey players who will buy a Men’s Fitness magazine and follow the beach body workouts in the back of the magazine, or the hockey players who print… Read more…